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An ambitious yet unfulfilled girl drunkenly decides to take a DNA test and embarks on an eccentric journey to face the father that abandoned her decades earlier.
Director:        Heather Kasprzak
Writer:          Heather F. Robb
Story by:        Heather Kasprzak & Heather F. Robb
Producer:       Natalie Masciale
With her personal and professional life in the toilet, a borderline alcoholic begins working as a "chat girl" online. When she becomes dangerously close to one client she is thrown into a brutal game of cat and mouse.
Writer:          Alayna Heim
Story by:       Natalie Masciale & Alayna Heim
Producer:       Natalie Masciale
When a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past is convinced to go out party hopping on Halloween night, she and her friends must survive a killer who crashes their parties.
Writer:           James Frye & Luke Cheeseman
Story by:        James Frye & Luke Cheeseman and Natalie Masciale
Producer:       Natalie Masciale
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